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For all general enquiries please contact : info@companiesgarden.com

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Q: How can I sponsor development?

A: To help improve the site please get in touch about making a donation. Even a small donation can help us add hundreds of new jobs.

Q: The site is great, how does it work?

A: Our company database allows you to find up to date information on any company or charity in the UK and beyond. Our latest jobs finder uses this information to search the web for new opportunities from these companies, and allows you to search for jobs and get updates as soon as new positions are released.

Q: How many companies and organisations do you have on your database?

A: We have the records of over 5 million businesses at present, and weโ€™re adding more. We have the details of every business registered in the UK, updated monthly. We also have over 500k charities from across the UK with address and contact details.

Q: I have a suggestion on how to improve the site, what should I do?

A: We welcome suggestions. Send us an email at info@companiesgarden.com and weโ€™ll get back to you if necessary.

Q: I found a job using your site, who do I thank!?

A: Fantastic news! If you'd like to provide a testimonial drop us an note info@companiesgarden.com